Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thoughts on a Tuesday Evening

Oh hi!
It's pretty late in the day, I guess, to just now be posting and blogging and all of that, but today was a little bit more crazy than usual- actually, this whole week is going to be that way. Babysitting at 7:30am! That is something I am not used to. It's a fun change, though.

My dad taught me some gardening this morning, and since I was (and still am) so incredibly sore from yesterday's fun workouts I didn't feel like doing anything more than walking. Now it's later, though, and a solid hour of magazine- reading on the elliptical sounds prime. Is it weird that that is relaxing to me?

A green shake for dinner, because I had like six gallons of almond butter for lunch. Dad calls these shakes, "Caterpillar Juice". Ha ha! Makes me feel adventurous to drink it.

Does anyone have advice for getting me out of a little workout rut?
See, I don't go to the gym (I've never been!), and we have an elliptical, a recumbent bike, and a long driveway for walking laps in, and I don't have a lot of variety.
My favorite is obviously the elliptical, and doing strength training and circuits and such, but on days like today where I worked every body part hard yesterday, and did the elliptical, I need some fun, tough cardio.
Any ideas?

Alright, I'd better go get sweaty while the night is still young...

(P.S.- Umm, my teeth look scary in that first picture! blame it on the editing process.)


Tillie said...

Oh you're blog is just so cute! what on earth is in your shake? im very intruiged!

Sonia said...

Haha! Funny story about why I like oatmeal... I was raised by my vegan/high raw dad, and he never bought any processed foods. No cereals, no crackers (he made them in the dehydrator), not even boxed soy milk (he made almond milk in the blender). Then one day when I was about 7 we got a sample packet of Quaker oatmeal in the mail and I begged him to make it for me. It tasted so decadent to me for some reason and to this day I love it! I wasn't allowed pasta either but of course I wanted it so I tore open one of those macaroni shaker things we made in elementary and made the noodles but I didn't like those :)

Sonia said...

Gnocchi is always classified as a pasta *shudder* but it's so much more! It's basically potato (or sweet potato which were in mine) boiled and mashed then incorporated into a little flour and salt. Then it's rolled out into a long snakey thing and cut up into pieces and boiled until it floats. It's basically a dumpling I guess! They're really good with pesto.
And growing up with my dad like that was pretty cool, but I was too young to know what was good for me and when I had visitation with my mom (my parents were divorced), I would pretty much gorge on cereal with milk and cheese pizza and be sick all the time...I really need to do a post about how I was raised!

omfg-vivian said...

Ahaha, what an adventure.
this blog is so cute! x

Audrey J. said...

your blog is pretty amazing... nice editing!