Monday, March 01, 2010

A word about breakfast

Breakfast lately has been a shake, comprised of delicious and creative findings.

The components are similar:
-Fruit (packaged frozen fruit or something I found and froze)
-Almond milk-Soy milk-Cottage cheese-Yogurt
-Spinach (the green is so pretty!)
-Ice (about 3-5 cups, crushed)
-Water/Green tea (2-4 cups)
-Other flavorings, such as vanilla/maple extract, Crystal Lite (I know, I know), lemon zest, etc.
-Sprinkles! Pretty food is essential.

These things are large- at least an entire blender full. I like to be stuffed, and the water is good for the morning digestion. :)

Obviously, if I was working in the mornings I would tone it down a lot, but this works for me.

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