Friday, June 11, 2010

oh hey it's already june, isn't it?

what do you like about summer?

some of my favorites:
the day begins at 6am and ends at 9pm!
garden vegetables
bike rides with my dad
wearing shorts everywhere
grilled food
waterskiing and jetskiing

have a good little friday, y'all!


Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Fruit! The fruit! The colours of berries, kiwis, melons, peaches. The smell of ripe nectarines; the feel of a homegrown tomato. These things make being unhealthy absolutely impossible! (unless, like me, you like to team your fruit up with natural yogurt and heaps and heaps of granola....;-) )

Ruth said...

This sounds lovely!

Here's the recipe!

Sarah C said...

my favorite things about summer are porch parties, skirts and dresses, long weekends, bike rides, and the farmers market!! oh, and lots of traveling!!

funnyemily said...

i like the sun, lazy mornings, reading, less clothes :)
happy friday!

britni @ Antika Moda said...

Good list (garden veggies-YUM, bike rides-I still need go get one!, ahh shorts and grilled food!!)
I love EVERYTHING about summer, trips to the beach, sundresses, picnics, bonfires, etc...

thenextarrow said...

can i tell you a secret?

i hate summer.

crazy, right? but i just can't stand the heat + humidity, there's no hockey, all of my favorite clothes are shoved to the back of the closet, i drink less coffee + sleep in way too late. is it autumn yet?


happy weekend, my dear!

xo Alison

Bridget said...

berries, watermelon + sun not going down till 8ish.

chelsea rebecca said...

and watermelon! my summer is not complete without watermelon!!
although i cannot tell a lie.. my day usually starts around 12 om and ends around 3 am.. hahah. woops.
also chalk!! lots of chalk and bubbles!
and picnics.
goodness gracious summer is just the best!!