Monday, June 14, 2010

okay guess what?!

guess what?
my parents visited new york city last week 
at my bidding (okay BEGGING)
they stopped by...are you ready for it?...
here is my mom outside the door

they said it was adorable, and just about the teeny-tiniest place ever
and they brought me back the cookcook!
the official babycakes cookbook!
I have a feeling my local library will be soo glad to get their copy back

the display case

and they brought back three cookies, too!
I think they were cinnamon raisin?
yeah, I scarfed 'em.
healthy means calorie-free, right?

it looks like the cutest place ever

I admit to liking babycakes for so much more than the food
the style is too cute; retro and vintage and girly and fun
isn't it cute?
it's so cute!

P.S. I finally updated the music player at the bottom of the page to fit my current music tastes. 
check it out!


funnyemily said...

it is adorable!! & you just gave me a fabulous idea to check out my library for cookbooks (omg why did i never think of that?)
i love little shops that have fabulous atmosphere, they make everything ten times better :)

Kristine said...

so fun! next, it seems like you'll have to make a trip to see it yourself!:)

do some baking and post those pics!

britni @ Antika Moda said...

It's SO cute!!! :)

ALFIE said...

oh!!! i seriously LOVE babycakes. cherish that cookbook---such yummy delights (as you know!)

the actual place is so super charming! can't wait to go when i'm in the city this fall :)

chai am woman said...

oooo that place looks awesome! i don't even know anything really about babycakes but it makes me want to :)

Cole said...

That is the coolest name for a restaurant. My hubby used to call me that when we first started dating. you have a very cool blog. :)
Cole visiting from

magpie said...

Wow you changed your blog!! It's SO cute :) Hahah I love how you talk about the restaurant, it's a real crush :)

chelsea rebecca said...

aw this is so cute! i love fun bakeries like this! and i love when relatives come and visit and they spoil you with trips to get cookies and cupcakes.
also i love the music! hooray for bob dylan!!!

erin :) said...

love this post!! this looks like so much fun and i so want to eat some cookies now. :)

lovely blog! i like the home-y/friendly look!
erin :)

erin :) said...

omgosh, and i love the song Super Freak on your playlist. reminds me of little miss sunshine - amazing movie. thank you for that. haha. :D