Saturday, July 10, 2010

would you rather...

own a pet pig or a pet rat?

vacation at the beach or camping in the mountains?

live alone or with seven strangers?

be hungry and not able to eat or stuffed-full and have to keep eating?

and thanks for asking for the recipe for my zucchini lasagna!
I'm more than happy to give it to you...
as long as you realize I made it up as I went along...
this morning

anyway, I love it and eat it all the time so here you go!

zucchini lasagna
a simple and rather versatile recipe that I have made like six times in the past month or so
[inspired by this]
you need:

a medium-sized zucchini
tomato sauce/pasta sauce/pizza sauce
cottage cheese [half a cupish]
one egg
garlic salt/garlic and salt
broccoli [a cup or twoish]
grated cheese [however much you like]

slice the zucchini as thinly as you can
mix egg and cottage cheese in a bowl with garlic salt
cut the broccoli into small pieces

layer the zucchini slices in the bottom of a glass dish
try to cover the entire bottom of the dish with the zucchini

pour your tomatoey sauce to cover the zucchini

make a layer over the sauce with your cottage cheese-egg mixture

make a layer over that with the broccoli

if you have a lot of the tomato sauce, pour that over the broccoli
if not, don't worry about it

layer the rest of the zucchini slices to cover the top like a pie

pour tomatoey sauce over that

with garlic salt

and the cheese of your choice

bake in a 350degree oven for...a good while

40 minutes or so

and like I said, this is versatile
I gave you the recipe the way I like it best,
but it's been made without cottage cheese (basically, lasagna-tasting soup with venison...)
without broccoli (mushrooms tried to substitute but...not the same)
all kinds of things have been changed
so if you don't have one ingredient, try something else!
I even thought of using eggplant instead of zucchini but that hasn't happened yet  
kind of like vegetable blasphemy?


Larissa Wunder said...

I would:
own a pet rat, because It would make less mess
like to have my vacation at the beach, because I love the ocean!
like to live with seven strangers- because I would to get to know them!
be stuffed-full and have to keep eating, because I can't stand to be hungry

Aut said...

pet pig,
vacation at the beach,
live alone,
be stuffed full

that lasagna is inspiring me into an early lunch.

Kristine said...

mmmmmmm...that looks amazing! i'm gonna try it!

-pet pig
-vacation at the beach
-stuffed full---cuz i love to EAT!

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

I would rather
-own a pet pig i think i remember reading about some really famous actor who had a pet pig!!! dang i cannot remember the name though lol
-vacation at the beach although it was a very tough one i love camping to!
-live with seven strangers, i think you would have loads of fun with that many people, it would be so interesting!
-stuffed full i can't stand being hungry! lol

your lasagna and zuchini dishes look awesome they are making me hungry!

Sonia said...

okay... pig, beach, alone, and full :)
Thanks for the zucch lasagna recipe! It sounds great and I have a zucchini I need to use up. I am thinking about veganizing it...I'll let you know how that goes...

chelsea rebecca said...

thank you times a billion for this recipe!!
it looks so good!! and after those eggplants crispys i definitely trust a recipe of yours!!