Thursday, August 19, 2010

capital day to you!

how neat is this tutorial on little bows!
check it out.
If I can sew them, anyone can.

and a question for you on this lovely thursday:
what do you buy your parents for their birthdays?

random? okay good.
what I mean by this [and no, I have no parent-bdays, I'm just wondering] is that, for us a kids, we had specific go-to gifts for the parents. because we were cheap and couldn't really conceive of the idea of gifts except legos and barbies.
mom usually got candles.
dad got socks- unless mom was buying him a cool techie toy and then we would say it was from all of us.
so that's me.
I'm just wondering what you guys did/ do for your parents on their birthdays.


Kelly said...

Hey, that's a cute idea for hairclips!
And lets see...
I always got my dad something with golf, something with a georgia bulldog on it, or a tie. (This is for birthday, christmas, and father's day.) He has about a million ties by now.
I was actually pretty good with my mom... I've gotten her perfume, jewelry, kitchen stuff... what you'd want. Except one time I had a mind lapse and gave her a squeegee and a wine glass for her birthday :)

Now I try to make things or invent little raps, songs, or dramatic readings that I perform in the dining room.

April said...

Such cute little bows!

When we were small, we had the normal to-go gifts - my dad always got a tie. My mom usually got something handmade, or flowers, or something.

Now I try to be more creative. My mom is easy to shop for - there are always things I see in stores, and I think "Oh, Mommy would love this!" (Yes, that's right, I'm 25 and I still call my mom Mommy.) This year I got her some earrings and a lemon-shaped honeypot with a little bluebird on top. My dad is a lot harder. He likes computers, and all things Georgia Bulldog. Computers are expensive. And he has everything Dawg-related that could possibly exist, I think. So I got him a polo shirt this year.

Jen said...

Love the handmade bow!

I usually pick up hints for birthdays and holidays throughout the year. My mom mentioned a soundtrack she wanted to hear, so I picked that up for the next gift-giving occasion.

Erica said...

This year i wanted to do something different and not buy my dad something he'd never wear or use so I got him a 30 min reading with a psychic. It was just for fun but he really loved it. I dunno though some people aren't into that kind of thing.

Celeste said...

cute! such a good idea!

Kayla said...

These bows look adorable. I will probably sit down to make some and end up with 75!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

S + Y said...

Aw cute post!!! I love making bows... hair pins, belts, headbands... you name it! :P

It's funny you ask that because this Saturday is my mom's birthday... this year I really wanted it to be special and started gathering goodies a few weeks ago. So far I got her some clothes (THE perfect autumn cardi and others) and I'm making her a cute card and I'm working on a crossword puzzle... :P


rachel! said...

usually i try to make something for them? but then again, my mom's birthday is next saturday and i have no idea what i'm going to be getting her....or making her...

lovedfromthestart said...

I don't usually get stuff for my dad. So hard to buy stuff for him! For my mom I really want to get her a totoro mug for Christmas!

Alyssa said...

my brother and i have a wonderful system where its his job to get dads presents and its my job to get mums presents. It means we dont have to buy for someone that its impossible to buy for :)
for mum i usually go crazy... everything i see i know she will love she gets. i dont know how to stop... scarves, clocks, instruments made in ethopica {!!!} lots of random things!
This birthday i'm making her a massive sign like a train sign with all the places she visited in Europe this year. Hand made lovin :)