Friday, August 27, 2010

lighthearted deliciousness

Okay you guys, this is the silliest recipe ever 
so don't laugh.
but I have been enjoying this creation so much on "no-baking-allowed" evenings
when I really really really really NEED sweet
[PS this is really inexpensive as well!]
Chocolate water, I call it.
The ingredients are?

[cocoa powder]
[splenda, unless you want your heart to race so fast you die]

And sometimes ice
[does that remind you of the vowels?? "and sometimes 'y'"??]

A tablespoon or two of chocolate
half a blender of water
half a gallon of sugar....
it's very easy and delicious.
Embarassing to post? 
Okay, yeah
But so good that I want to share it!


Larissa Wunder said...

why don't you use milk? because I don't know...but water and cocoa....???

Chloë said...

Hmm, that does sound interesting. I would give it a try though...because you know how I feel about milk. :P

Going to write you back soon!!! =)

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

oh girl, how do you come up with these things?! ha

happy friday :)

Gina said...

you are too friggen cute!

& i'm not gonna lie; i'm kinda jealous of your freckles :)

<3 gina

Regan said...

Haha! Sounds interesting!

britni @ Antika Moda said...

Lol :) Chocolate and Water...two of my favorite things! Have a great weekend Becca!!

April said...

I'm not sure how I feel about the recipe, but that picture sure is cute :)

lovedfromthestart said...

Chocolate water! I love how happy you look. I think I'd love this recipe.

rachel! said...

hahahahaa, HALF A GALLON OF SUGAR? hahaha you are sooo funny. hahaha, lol. this is really funny to me. oh, i love you.

p.s. did you get a new camera? awhile ago? i forget..

Sonia said...

you are so pretty!
this looks awesome..I make something similar with soy milk instead of water... if you add some guar gum or xanthan, too... it gets THICK like a milkshake without the ice cream...
I wanna try this with coffee too...

Amyschmamey said...

I am assuming that is you in the picture. OH MY GAW!!!! YOUR FRECKLES ARE THE BEST EVER! I'm jealous. And you are very pretty. and I don't know about Cocoa and water, buuuuuuut... I'm not gonna knock it till it's tried. no different than Swiss Miss I guess... Only cold. :)I used to make sugar water when I was a kid. I grew out of it though ha.

molly YEH! said...

EWW. give it a cute name maybe... like becca's magical beverage... and i'll be sold!! is it sort of like yoohoo??

Alyssa said...

you kinda have me sold on it!