Tuesday, September 21, 2010

land of kiwi

I had such a lovely, busy, picture-ful weekend.

Friday I was a bridesmaid-in-preparation for a bridal shower, which was so fun and involved lots of apple-peeling and kiwi chopping.
We had a table for fruits and vegetables and dip, and then a table for ice cream sundae supplies.
Plus some apple pies and peach cobbler, and cookies and tea, and pretty water with lemons and limes and oranges in it.
The little kitchen we got everything ready in looked like the Garden of Eden with all that produce!
My tongue was all raw from eating so much pineapple and kiwi ;)

Saturday I got to spend an entire day with my grandmother.
It was a [late] birthday-day together, and we went to Savannah to go thrifting in little shops.
I ate the best pizza of my life, no joke.
Usually food "out" is not that exciting to me; I can make something at home that I enjoy a lot more, but we went to Mellow Mushroom and split a little pizza [I got the mega-veggie, with tempeh, which is a new food. I liked it].
Good heavens. I ate so much of that but felt so okay.
I will eat dry salads for a week if need be! It was incredible.

And about the thrifting? Somehow [maybe since we don't know savannah super-well?] we didn't get very far with the thrifting.
But UO and Target came through for us! As they always will, I suppose.
I love love love my grandmother so much and I wish we could hang out three times a week.

Sunday was church with a few hours of baby nursery- which I love.
It's so fun to be surrounded by adorable little mini-humans.
And then hanging out with Thomas all day!
We ate lunch with friends and rode bikes and sang along to the iPod on shuffle.

Good times.
I'm so thankful for all the great people and things in my life right now.
God is so good to me!


Kim said...

my mouth is watering from that pizza! YUMMERS!

glad you got to spend such sweet time with your grandmother. that time is so precious.


Katelyn said...

Grandmothers are the best! Savannah is one of my favorites! Used to live there (now in Statesboro)!

kBr said...

mmmm good food pics!!! is there an UO in savannah? oh, how nice it must be to have one so close!!!

Kelly said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend!
I absolutely love bridal showers.
And pinapple makes my toungue all raw too :)
(I think it's totally worth it, though)
Savannah is so beautiful.
And that pizza looks delicious.
And hello, it has a ton of vegetables on it! That means it's good for you, so you don't have to eat raw salad :)

Alyssa said...

this post is full of so many happy things :)

amy anne said...

I love Mellow Mushroom!! They built one right by campus during my senior year of college and those pictures just brought all the pizza memories back! (but without the calories!)

tammy said...

looks like a really fun weekend. mmm, pineapple.

S + Y said...

GRANDMAS ROCK! If your grandma's awesome and you know it, clap your hands... :P

Your joy-filled weekend is making me so jealous right now! All I've done in the past few days is work on my dissertation for family law. That and I had some family friends come over. That was the fun part, babysitting babies. :)

Your pictures are so hungry they make me so delicious... oups, I mean your pictures are so delicious they make me so hungry... haha!


chai am woman said...

mmmm mellow mushroom is pizza mecca! their pies are so good.

tawny. said...

i have GOT to try that pizza!
it looks amazing!
glad to hear you had such a good weekend :)

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

such gorgeous photos!! loving all the colors and patterns, and FOOD!!

communikate. said...

those colors and photos are wonderful!

tifsong said...

you are SO lovely.
thanks for the comment on my blog.
how'd you find me?
because i'm certainly glad for it.
now i get to be inspired by YOU.