Thursday, October 07, 2010

miss enthusiasm

Maggie is a fashion blogger. 
She wears neat clothes about talks about her life. 
 I have a confession about Maggie. This is going to sound really horrible, but bear with me.
Maggie really grew on me.
Okay? That's my secret.

At first, I thought, "Man, this girl is cool and all, but I'm not into fashion a whole lot, or Taylor Swift songs, dressing up, or whatever.
It's just not me."

It's still not me.

But I really like Maggie, because of her enthusiasm for life.
Every single post is like, Blast O' Happiness!
Loving Life!
And she's so real and raw and just plain crazy, I love her.
I think you will too!

1.) maggie, will you please tell us about yourself in four sentences or less?
My name is margaret grace mattinson, named after my great great grandmothers who I can thank for my 59 inches of stature and rear side.
If there's anything I believe in, its the power of persistence and love and the phrase that no matter what, 'life goes on.'
I am madly in love with love and everything about it; fairytales, happy endings, magic, and glitter because through the unhappy times, I've learned to treat every moment like it's a treasure.
Writing, blogging, books, Taylor Swift, my sister, and clothes are my passions!

2.) imagine you had one outfit to wear for an entire month without washing or removing. please describe this outfit.
The comfiest item in the entire world for me is a dress.
In fact, I can't be comfortable in sweats otherwise it puts me in a coma.
That's why I dress up constantly and Sundays are my wildest days: because i get the most work done with I feel like I'm dressed for it!
So! That being said, I would wear a fabulous floral dress with buttons, tights, a 3/4 length cardigan for arm flexibility, and my favorite pair of boots!
I'd go sans tights if it got too hot ;)

3.) so we know you enjoy getting dressed in the morning. 
ow do you decide what to wear?
 In High School, you can bet I was always the most dressed up person in a school of 400. In college, I am still the most dressed up person in a lecture hall of 300 and in a school of 12,000.
Pants are a rare, rare occurrence and I only wear them if I know I can slack that day.
How I get dressed is still such a mystery to me. I dress by what I need to accomplish in a day and how I feel about what I need to get done.
Like, on chemistry days, I find myself in simple dresses and serious boots to be ready to kick its butt. On media arts and photography days, I dress ultra-feminine and in bright fun colors.
I feel like the best thing about being only 18 is the freedom to wear whatever i want and experiment!
One day, I wake up and it's my normal floral/girly tights& bow procedure.
The next day, it could be strictly solids and boy fitting blazers.
It's never the same :)

4.) imagine you have one day in which to have the most fun. you can go somewhere awesome with someone awesome and do something awesome, looking awesome. what do you decide on?
Oh my gosh, this is the best question!
Back in the early days of Niklaas and Maggie, we went through this question/answer session of notes. It turned into a game of asking every question imaginable and this one was definitely one that came up!
First of all, every single one of my family members would be there. I have a huge family and it's the best thing in the world when all of my aunts and uncles, cousins, and extended family members are in one place! It wouldn't have to be anything too fancy, but I'd love to go someplace fun and interesting like a zoo, the beach, an amusement park, or just the beach with everyone! We'd wake up early and feast on a massive brunch and embark on the day. Everyone would get to do their own thing and spend a carefree day enjoying nothing but the day itself! At dinner, we'd convene and have a barbecue outside with all the little kids running around and the adults telling outrageous stories about their childhood. Once the little kids went to bed, I'd watch a romantic comedy with my intermediate family and at the end of the night, go to ice cream with Niklaas and fall alseep on the sofa in my basement watching wizards of waverly place! :)


Nicole said...

Aww, what a sweet gal!

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sooo pretty!

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love these interviews! :] another good one.

Kelly said...

This Adorable You idea is fantastic!

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I need to check out her blog, sounds lovely!

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What an awesome girl (and blog)!!!!

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aww - never seen her blog (and the first time by yours!) but just reading her first answer - I have a total blog-girl crush now - she's too adorable!!

Abbey said...

I love Maggie's blog too! Hah cute interview!


molly YEH! said...

oh she is so cute!! i love that outfit with the red and white striped shirt. and YEAH TAYLOR SWIFT!!