Wednesday, October 06, 2010

taking a stab at acorn squash

this is my first experience dealing with an acorn squash.
have you ever eaten one?
how did you cook your squash?
this is what I did. [not extraordinarily difficult, so you should try it]

get a large knife and slice the squash in half
scoop out all the seedy crap with a spoon
[don't throw that away, you're going to need it!]
lay both halves on a baking sheet, peel up
bake at 400 degrees for an hour or so, until you can poke it with a fork

while the squash is roasting away, you can work on something else delicious.....
this is easy too- not as quick as slicing a squash, and your hands might get slimy-
but never you mind! roasted seeds are amazing

do your very best to separate all the seeds into a colander
wash them thoroughly
dry them thoroughly
toast the seeds in a pan on the stove, with some oil and salt
they will get all puffy when they are finished, you'll know it
and they taste like popcorn!  
[but more delicious ]
so here you go
two delicious recipes from one little squash
it cost me less than $1.50 for this squash- 
a perfect dinner!


Alyssa said...

ok i have a question... remember i am australian... so we dont have the same things.... but aren't acorns what squirrels eat? and they are tiny and fit in their little tiny cute paws?

Krystal said...

yeah, i have never ever dealt with one of these! I didn't know you could roast the seeds. Hmm....
Also, thanks for your super nice comment on my switzerland pictures, it made my day!

ChloƩ said...

Becca! hi hi! That's funny that you found me through Celeste's blog. You and your blog are too cute and I'm sorry we didn't get to exchange numbers at church Sunday!

Nicole said...

I've eaten the seeds before, but I don't think I've ever eaten the actual squash part... or maybe I did, but didn't know. :]

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

i lovee squash. specifically spaghetti squash--its so simple to prepare and pairs great with paprika and black pepper.. yum!

Elise said...

Sounds yummy!! I haven't tried this yet. You make it look fun! :)

Gina said...

i LOVE acorn squash!!! i cut it up into little slices & bake it w/ some brown sugar and cinnamon mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;)

i've never made the seeds though, i'll have to try this.

work get's in the way of all my cooking/baking ambitions!

Ica Images said...

oh wow your blog is too cute for words!

squirrelbread said...

Thanks for the comments on squirrel bread! Have you tried roasting the acorn squash, then flipping it right side up for last 15 minutes with butter and brown sugar inside? Crazy delicious.