Thursday, December 30, 2010

new years soup

this is my new-years soup.
so spicy and warm and hydrating and cheap and warm

I like this soup a whole lot because it makes me feel well
[specifically, after eating a lot of sugar through the holidays and basically the entire year]

you can adjust all the spices to your own liking, but I made mine very spicy.  
lots of cayenne and garlic, plus all that warm waterhelps my headcold chill out for a while. 
and isn't there something about garlic and spices reducing your risk of cancer?
I think probably so.
or doing something else quite magical.
you see, this is a magical soup


chop an onion into comfortably-sized pieces and drop it in a big saucepan, 
with a bit of water and a small glug of olive oil
spoon one or two large tablespoons of garlic [I have minced garlic in the refrigerator. you can use garlic powder if it's an emergency]
add a cup of water
then curry powder, ginger, cayenne pepper, salt 

allow the onion to soften considerably, five minutes or so
chop up two or three carrots and throw them in
add more water; you be the judge of how much water here

let this boil, then turn it down to simmer for an hour

the end.

[enjoy your new years soup while writing up some beautiful plans for 2011]


Katelyn said...

Yum! my mom would love this. I'll have to send her your recipe!

Faith said...

That looks so comforting!

Missy said...

Looks so good.

Julia said...

I was just thinking...what will I make for dinner? You answered my question! This looks yummy and healthy. Yay!

Sands said...

Mmmm, this looks so delicious! Just what we need after days and days of eating chocolates, haha.

Happy New Year, Becca! :)


Regan said...

Yummm looks so good!

Gina said...

I've been missing you too! ;):)

I'm in California and our apartment is beautifful as is the community. The best part is the people, they are so NICE. I feel like we fit in well!

How are YOU???

<3 gina

gracey said...

thank you for the recommendation! it looks yum!

Have an awesome 2011! Cheers! :)

thais. said...

this looks delish! I am such a soup fan :) might just try this one out.