Thursday, April 14, 2011

garden hummus

I don't believe that hummus needs an introduction.
if you haven't eaten it, I'm sorry for you.
at least you've heard of it?

I really like making hummus in the food processor; if you soak and cook your own dried chickpeas, and maybe don't use the traditional hummus staple tahini, it can be a fairly inexpensive venture.

and better than buying it from a store.

this is a regular-ish hummus with the addition of baby spinach and roasted peppers.
the outcome is a bright green hummus; don't be afraid of it.

spinach has incredible nutrients, and somehow you don't get any earthy taste from the raw leaves, so it's a total win-win situation.

and roasted peppers are just good.
pretty to look at, good for you, delicious.

I used a bag of frozen chopped assorted peppers instead of buying and slicing them.

okay, the hummus.

chickpeas  (two cups or so)

garlic (fresh garlic, garlic powder, whatever)

olive oil (just a tiny bit)

baby spinach ( a handful)
peppers (a handful)

throw everything into the food processor together
blend a little, scraping the sides if need be
keep on blending until it looks smooth

the end.


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

totally dig the additions to this menu and girl i'm all over the hummus love! it seems so easy peasy, works for me...thanks for the lesson lades. happy almost weekend! ♥

Katelyn said...

I LOVE hummus! I like your variation! I'll have to try it!

Jenna said...

oh my gosh, looks delicious! i could eat hummus for every meal.

the bays said...

Going to have to make this for Carson - he'll love it and we have a can of chickpeas hanging out in the cupboard. Thanks!

tamara said...

yum! we eat hummus sandwiches everyday but we've never tried to make our own -- very inspired to try now, though.