Tuesday, April 26, 2011

somewhat earthy thoughts...

like....trying to finally dump my horrible horrible splenda habit?
and trying to grow my first plant ever?
{by the way, a bit of progress was made in that endeavor. so exciting. you've gotta see}

anyway, I guess I feel like there's been a ton of plant lingo thrown around lately.
like I'm a pristine health nut who grows her own food or buys all local organic stuff?
which isn't true...
but I want you to know it.

what's been going on with YOU lately?

I got a new computer so a bunch of old bookmarks are gone and I'm having troubles getting back to all my old favorite sites again {feel free to leave your favorite links!}
really though, tell me a couple things that have been happening with you lately.

I have been...

1.trying to really, truly study a book of the bible [instead of making up some kind of practical application but not thinking about what it really means, you know...]
2. thinking of some kind of cheesy "20 by 20" list to make before my birthday in august.
what do you think about that?
any cool accomplishments you've done that you want to share??

okay. rambling tonight. 
before you go, check out the oregano.
God loves me.
this is truly miraculous.
five days!


Jenna said...

yay for oregano! which book for the bible are you studying right now? i am kind of jumping around at the moment.

Betsy from three20 said...

pretty please gimme some tips on growing herbs. I've been wanting to forever, and have no idea where to start!

chloƫ. said...

I think running a half marathon race should be on that list :) Maybe coming to visit me, too...

rachel! said...

i really love the first picture. something about the greens & yellows. good luck with your plant...!! and you can dump splenda!!! <3

Catherine said...

I'm with Chloe - you should put running a half marathon on your list! And...knitting a pair of socks! Two things I didn't manage to achieve before my 20th, and I doubt I'll have kitted a pair of socks before my 25th now either! ;-)

Inna said...

Things that have been happening to me lately:
(remember, you asked!:)

1. I have been working really hard on learning dances for my upcoming ballet performance. I'm in five dances (three on Pointe!) and also the grand finale. But I have to learn three extra dances, because I'm an assistant teacher for some younger classes, and I need to know the little kids dances so I can help them learn the steps. So yeah, dance moves are taking over my brain!!
2. I just learned how to make a blog button. So proud of myself! HTML is crazy ...
3. I sewed a plush Larry the Cucumber today. :)