Thursday, May 26, 2011

lentil burger. and a dilemma.

-room-mate approved!-

full of yummy lentils and red onion and soy sauce.

 I love soy sauce.

I put it on everything I want to eat that doesn't include honey

this recipe came from me dragging home from work on a thursday night, hungry and wanting cancun's chicken taco.
by myself? that's lame. 
I don't even eat out.

but I needed something sort of like meat
we don't have any meat in the house!

and also, I had an hour.
so this couldn't be a big production-
no, it had to be quick and awesome and sort of meat-like
got that?

here's what happened:
red onion
soy sauce
olive oil

cook the lentils by boiling them and letting them simmer until soft. it's great if they're mushy for this.

{while lentils cook} chop the onion. 

-put the onion in the pan with some oil and let it soften

-put your oats in the blender and grind them into oat flour

-hopefully by this time, the lentils will be cooked

-drain them, and put them in a large bowl with the onions. add soy sauce and cumin.

-add oat flour little bits at a time, until the dough is moist but packable

-form into little patties. they don't need to be very flat yet

-set the patties in the pan with some oil, and cook them on both sides, flattening as you see fit

-be careful because they are a little delicate.

I hope you love them.


little t said...

Yum- Im going veggie for a month soon so loving this post :)

whitney johnson said...

wow those look YUMMY! will definitely have to try those--thank you for sharing! :)

gracey said...
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gracey said...

delicate? :) it sounds quite hard but i'll give this a try. thanks for sharing!

molly YEH! said...

i want to make that right now

sara said...

i bet these are delicious crumbled over salad. definitely making them this week - i have a bag of lentils just waiting to be used!