Thursday, May 19, 2011

middle o' may

these caterpillar juices {spinach shakes} are giving me so much energy. I completely recommend them. no "grass" taste, either.
I'm happy to live in a place with pretty streets.
roasted sweet potato and garlic. olive oil. salt and pepper. simple. incredible.
it's been two weeks of visiting this plate and not buying it because I technically don't need it right now.
but it was a dollar. and eventually I'll move out and get married and want this plate in my house. so I spent the dollar and felt really glad about it.


what have you been glad about today?

I want to know.


Kelly said...

Love that plate. I'm glad you got it too :)
When are you guys getting married, anyway?

Today, I'm glad that I get to spend some time with my dad, and as a bonus he's buying my lunch!

Julie said...

I have a really hard time saying no to plates-honesty it is like an addiction. If I would have seen this beauty you can be sure I would have snatched it up too!

Melis said...

ohhh food pics are my fave! :) check out my blog and etsy! everything is on sale!

chelsea lee said...

those shakes sounds deeelish! I've been making Kimberly Snyder's Green Goddess smoothie and I absolutely love it!

I love your pretty streets too!!

Betsy from three20 said...

Im happy you got that plate because its gorgeous!

Thanks for the sweet potatoes semi-recipe. Ive got some in the fridge and have been dieing to make them since forever. Oh, and for the spinach juice. Which I also have in the fridge. And have been putting it in everything before it goes bad. :/