Wednesday, May 25, 2011


here is a bit of the good stuff in my life lately {other than food}

1. tomato plants are growing. 
these are my room-mate's, not mine. 
but all the plants are growing! 
so exciting to see life come up from the ground, knowing I literally threw the seeds in some dirt.

2. my wacko skirt, which I love. 
not new, but I think you need to see it.
the braids of the girl literally come off the skirt, and I think it's so cool
one time this older hippie lady at the health food store told me she LOVED IT and then tried to read the symbols on my skirt. symbols? 
dang it. 
I didn't mean to say anything.

3. obviously, we have the coolest mailperson EVER.
roomie taped this to our mail slot and she wrote back!
isn't it fun?

4. my photo wall
for some reason, I can't get away from making a photo wall, no matter where I live.
it always happens. and I always love it.
this one just feels really epic.
I look at it and feel so so so thankful for life and where I've been and who I've known.
and that's always a good thing.

also, I'm trying to take a week off running to give my poor little joints a break, and I miss it already. 
real bad. 

so, biking anyone?
we'll see how that goes.

what's new with you?


Belly B said...

I love all these pictures!! :) Especially the memo with the mailperson!

<3 Belly B

amanda jane said...

what a great photo collage.

emily said...

love that little note to the mailperson...

Amylou said...

your photo wall is epic!
I just love the skirt!

Amylou said...

p.s. what type of camera do you use?

rachel! said...

i love the letter to the mailperson. haha, and becca! come camping with me!

Inna said...

I love epic people. And your mailperson is obviously very epic. :)

Betsy from three20 said...

I think its awesome that you left a thank you note for the mailperson. Its great to make people feel appreciated, especially people that most others don't notice :)