Tuesday, June 07, 2011

PB is EZ

making peanut butter is a lot more fun than buying peanut butter.

it's cheap, exciting, and gives you a sense of true hippie pride.
{because hippies use food processors and read blogs, of course}

once you experience all the joy of homemade nut butters, it's hard to get a pre-made jar and not feel ripped off.

here is what you need:
food processor.

{and maybe a book to read while you work}

put the peanuts in the processor
maybe scrape the sides down
continue blending and reading

if you keep at it for long enough, the consistency should go from 

to this

and p.s.
you can make any sort of nut butter this way-almond, pecan, pistachio, whatever you like!

I hope you love it.


Betsy from three20 said...

oh fun! Now I wanna go out and get a food processor!

Nicole said...

OMG! This is such a great idea. How could I not have thought of it before?! I love peanut butter. I used to eat it so much that my boyfriend started to worry about my diet and thus restricted me to one peanut butter item a day! I'm so going to try this! Thanks!

becca. said...

I've been wanting a food processor for a while now to make healthie stuff. ;)

I think you, in a roundabout way, just said, "hey, other becca! go buy one of these this instant!"


Jenna said...

yummm! i just got a food processor and i have only used it once. i think i will make some peanut butter...now! xx

lolakola said...

I had never thought about this before! I feel silly now. must try to make some at the weekend :) thanks!

chloƫ. said...

Looks perfectly delicious!

And how is marathon training going lady?! I need an update! :)

kimberley said...

this is fantastic! something I definitely have to try :)

Jenny Eisen said...

OH I am so going to make pistachio butter thanks to you! Check out some of my recipes!