Thursday, June 23, 2011

pesto lentils

[and bulgar]

do you know of bulgar
it's a nice little grain that you can soak in water or any other liquid and it drinks it up.  
no cooking

which means experimentation!
[I'm thinking of a sweet bulgar recipe with coconut milk, in the future...]

for this recipe, the bulgar soaks up some tomato sauce.

here's what you need:

bulgar wheat [1 cup]
lentils [1 cup]
tomato sauce [little can]
pesto [1-2 tablespoons]
parsley [1 tablespoon]

1. put the lentils on to boil. 
then let them simmer with a lid. 
they can cook while everything else comes together.

2. get the bulgar in a bowl with the tomato sauce and pesto. 
stir them up together and let them sit for five or ten minutes. 
it will look liquid-y, but the bulgar continues to soak and soak
no worries.

3. you can add in the parsley whenever you feel like it.

4. the lentils should cook for fifteen or twenty minutes, but check because you don't want them mushy. 
or too crunchy.
when they have finished, drain them and add them to your bulgar mixture.

5. refrigerate until all is cool.

the end.

I hope you love it.


Amie K said...

Yum! this sounds so good! xoxo
Love amie

Lizzie said...

Sounds delish!

vintch said...

sounds awesome and looks so beautiful. thanks for sharing:)

Ginger said...

I got bulgur from the health food store and have only used it in chicken broth. I love couscous as well, so this was not hard for me to try.

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh my gee that sounds delicious. I'd lick that plate.

whitney // eat sleep cuddle. said...

i've never tried bulgar but now i'm so intrigued! definitely want to try this recipe :)

Betsy from three20 said...

today i saw a bag of lentils at walmart and thought of you :)