Wednesday, June 01, 2011

windows and white and weddings....


I got to be in a wedding this weekend, and it was so fun.
my fiance's brother got married. which means all of that family, which is my favorite [other] family to be with. 
and weddings mean fun things like photoshoots and emotions and wearing heels and trying not to sob on stage.

I loved every bit of it and took fewer photos than I can count on a hand.

but here's one that I like:
the bride climbing through her own window after getting locked out.

life is so fun.


vintch said...

hehe. what a fun memory! the lighting in that photo was fabulous. one awesome picture trumps a thousand poor ones!

Jennifer Rod said...

this is hilarious.

Hannah said...

What a story she'll have to tell! Too funny!

Dawn said...

I had heard the story from Jen, but this is stinking hilarious!!
So glad you had the presence of mind to take a pic. Wasn't it a wonderful, beautiful day?
You looked gorgeous!!

studio meez said...

Hi Becca, thanks for visiting my blog!
Looks like a great place you've got here!

Jenna said...

i love this! such wonderful memories they will be. xx

Betsy from three20 said...

thats awesome! those sort of pics, the ones that tell stories, are the best :)

Oh, and by the way, I really enjoy that food cure book! Ive already starting altering my husband and I's diet (he's got pretty bad sinus problems) and we've already seen a difference!

I'll definitely be book stalking you more often ;)