Tuesday, July 19, 2011

to market

saturday mornings are my new favorite things.
get up [fairly] early and rush to get downtown to be first at the farmer's market
I always listen to my favorite album on the way
{p.s. this cd has not left my car since it came out, nearly two years ago}

this week I met two friends there! girls from work who really are the bomb.
[I think God was all over my job, because who can say they love to hang out with co-workers? so lucky]

we picked out fresh figs and homemade popsicles and herbs and veggies and sourdough bread

I got a sweet tshirt with a watercolor of rainbow carrots, made by the guy who first sold me those treasures. 
a farmer who paints! it blows my mind.
[p.s. I will show you that shirt asap. let me get a worthy photo...]

then I come home and unpack my things, and show them to my roomies before heading off to work.

best day[s] ever.


sara said...

you look like you're having an amazing summer!
the flowers in that first picture are gorrgeous! and all that fresh fruit! yum.

chloƩ said...

i know we're gonna run into each other there sometime because me and jeff walk over there almost every saturday too!

also, i met your coworker :(i forgot her name. the one in the picture) at cutters the other day and it turns out we had met before at church/bible study. yay!

amanda jane said...

nothing like a trip to the market. :)

whitney johnson said...

going to the farmers market is the highlight of my week! :) so much yummy stuff. i always leave with much more than i was planning, but i figure if i'm going to eat too much of something then it should probably be fruits and vegetables! :)

megan lane said...

going to our neighborhood farmers market is one of my favorite parts of the week!! i got lots of good stuff there last weekend.

darby said...

This post just made me realize that I haven't eaten a single peach this summer! I'll have to go to my local farmers market soon to fix that problem!

Krystal said...

now that i'm living in the city i can go to the market on saturday mornings, i'm so excited!! and yes, loving your co workers makes a WORLD of a difference!

Lizzie said...

It was so fun to meet you and Ellie there! We need to go again this Saturday. I know I'll be there - it will be my last Forsyth Farmers Market trip ever!

Amylou said...

love all the color in those pics! I sure to wish we had a farmer's market here!
Oh and I'm a big Needtobreathe fan too!

elanor, said...

what lovely photos! markets are always interesting places to be.

glad it was a great day!
xx elanor

Jo said...

I love visiting the market <3 The flowers are so gorgeous - I bet they smelled amazing too!

Lost in the Haze

little t said...

I think this would be enough to get me up early too, if there was one near where I live. And I usually adore my Saturday-morning lie-ins.

Fresh figs!! Wowza, they look so yum :)

jozen said...

that farmers market looks heavenly!

Betsy from three20 said...

everytime I read about the farmers market it makes me wanna have one nearby so bad! Im totally missing out :/