Monday, August 15, 2011

restful saturday

I got up and ran twelve miles again this morning. it's just so rare that I get a morning without working these days, I can't bear to waste the sunrise.
my feet were hurting before I even put my running shoes on, but I told myself to just run a little, and a little turned into a lot.
I'm telling you, there's nothing special about me being about to run nine or twelve miles in one go; I just have more time on my hands than some people.

went straight from running to the farmer's market, because I can't bear to show up too late and miss out on the good stuff.
kale, peaches, mint, baby watermelons, and an oregano plant were all purchased. pictures were taken. it was super busy down there, and I spotted a pug I wanted to kidnap but couldn't manage to even get his picture.

and then, rest. it takes everything in me to make myself sit down sometimes.
my reason was to stretch out a good bit, and I guess I only did it because I ran so much.
but just sitting down, thinking, reading, praying. so good.
I watched a couple of these yoga videos on youtube to help me with my hips and things. polly is great and really down to earth [here's her blog, too]. usually I just watch what she does, pause the video and hang out in that pose for a good while. and today I read 2 peter and 1 john. refreshing like nothing else.

thomas is my neighbor now, and it's wonderful. we get to see each other pretty much daily.
he came over for a bit and ate a watermelon.
I'm making some pizza for our dinner tonight, and just relaxing.

goodness, it's so nice to rest.


Noodles and Waffles said...

I used to watch yoga videos on youtube too. And then I found Have you heard of it? It's been extremely helpful for my calves and hips.

colleen said...

there is nothing better than a good long run. always worth waking up early.

Faith said...

I enjoyed this post, Becca! Don't you love having friends next door? And, I need to find a good farmer's market before the summer is over!

Lizzie said...

What a wonderful sounding Saturday. It sounds like it included a little bit of everything!