Wednesday, August 03, 2011

taste the rainbow

remember those crazy vegetables I told you that I found?
a watermelon radish and a black radish.

well I sliced them up and roasted them with garlic and basil and olive oil.

honestly, it kind of scared me to slice up a normal-looking veggie and see neon pink inside.
and the black radish turned out solid white on the inside. 
so peculiar, these vegetables.

I roasted them at 450 degrees for an hour or so, until they looked brownish at the ends, and they were yummy.

 you should give them a try!

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Charlotte said...

aw, you carved a face into the watermelon radish? how cute!

Gaby said...

wow, those are some seriously crazy looking vegetables! i've never even hear of a watermelon radish but now i'm intrigued... x

Ginger said...

I imagine you found these at the farmers' market; I have never seen those or heard of them. We don't have them here that I am aware of.

Michele said...

I miss your Becca-ness!

another feather said...

I love radishes! Those are so crazy and pretty. I've never had black!

Betsy from three20 said...

ohh!! That seems like a lot of fun! I love trying new and weird foods :)