Thursday, November 10, 2011

gingerbread granola

so, granola and I have never worked out very well together.

firstly, I always thought of myself as being healthier-than-thou, and therefore ignoring granola as a breakfast item [choosing of course raw broccoli or some other lovely vegetable].
things change, of course.

secondly, I have never had much success making granola. it always burns or ends up too chewy and doesn't bake quite right.
this time I loosely followed the recipe for "tawny granola" found in miss sophie dahl's wonderful cookbook. it turned out so great!

I've been listening to my mother about "getting more protein", and having yogurt as much as I can to keep my immunity up. 
and what goes better with yogurt than granola?

this is a sit-down breakfast for a nice chilly morning, with coffee and tea alongside.

I hope you love it.


vintch said...

ooh sounds like a recipe to make over the weekend to me! thank you for sharing:) i've never made my own granola before and this looks like a great recipe to start with!

Michele said...

Yum! You made enough to share, right?!

chloƩ said...

yum! i would like this this morning.

Simply Shelley said...

Looks totally stellar!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Happy Thursday to you!!!!

hannah margaret said...

Oh granola is so EASY! Mix equal parts maple syrup (organic, it's not as strong) and your choice of oil. Use it with your favorite combo of oats, bran, flax seeds and nuts (I add loads of cinnamon). Make sure it's coated and then bake. Periodically smoosh it around. Gahh, I love homemade granola. There really is nothing better. Also, watch out for dried dries the granola out.

sorry to rant (:

Bethany said...

If those don't sound divine...

Everything Changes said...

Looks good! I like to put flax seed in mine.

Jennifer Young said...

this sounds amazing. perfect for the holiday season!