Tuesday, November 08, 2011

waking up on a farm

thomas had a birthday. the big 2-1!

we celebrated with his family, and bought a mandolin and ate burgers grilled by his roommate.

it was really fun and such a happy day.

p.s.  little did I realize that a mandolin is the instrument that it is!
it's something like a cross between a ukelele and a banjo, and it sounds like a sunrise on the farm.


Lizzie said...

Mandolins are awesome! I hope you'll be enjoying music from it for a very long time :)

molly YEH! said...

you two are adorable. also, these photos are amazing. what are you using to make them awesome-ish?? also, i love the mandolin. it is the best instrument ever. have you ever listened to chris thile? he is like the monster champion mandolin player of the universe. and also hot.

Kelly said...

I love you two!!!
I have a mandolin too, but I usually let Colton play it because it hurts my fingers :)

darby said...

These pictures are the cutest!!

Jennifer Rod said...

such lovely photos. stunning.

Jennifer Young said...

beautiful, beautiful birthday...my kind of birthday! happy belated thomas. :)

Charlotte said...

I love seeing pictures of the two of you. So cute.

ps. Thomas looks way older than 21!