Saturday, December 10, 2011

lavender cookie dough

icebox cookies, I suppose.

this is becoming quite a habit.

you just make a happy little vegan cookie dough, minus all the boring things like baking soda and leavening agents, and roll it out to be frozen. easier and better.

I love the flavor combination of lavender and lime. plus sea salt and vanilla and honey and oats. this is perfect, and so rustic and pretty when you mix it all up. I like to keep some sort of sweets on hand at all times, and these just stay in the freezer until I need them.

this is:
oat flour [oats, ground in a blender]
sea salt
dried lavender
honey or agave
bit of vanilla
juice of one lime

blend together the wet ingredients. add the dry ingredients, and mix.

if you want, take out of the freezer after a bit and make christmasy shapes with them. like so.

I hope you love it.


Arielle said...

I love oat cookies! I bet these turned out great.

Eva Marie said...

These look so yummy and after reading this post I feel like I can smell then haha is that strange? Haha
Either way must try these :)

Charlotte said...

YES. yummy! I've never thought of mixing lavender and lime but I love lavender. Mmmm.

Dionne said...

Oooh delish! Thanks for sharing!

Krystal said...

those sound gooood!

jamie said...

Seems easy and delish, will definitely try it out :)