Tuesday, December 06, 2011

time to decompose.

when I get home from work, I sometimes need to sit and not be productive for a little while.

somehow in my mind the words "decompress" and "decompose" got mixed up, and so now I say to myself, "okay it's time for me to decompose for a while".

lately this means time on pinterest. I'm okay with that. here's what I like.


Faith said...

I love the images you chose! I've been saving pinterest for when I graduate. One more week!

Charlotte said...

I love when I have time to decompose after work too. Checking blogs is what I do best!

christalena said...

Oh, Pinterest! Love it. Great way to decompose. :) Great picks. I love them all!

Arielle said...

haha I love the morbid title. Pinterest steals hours from me, I love all the images you picked!