Monday, January 16, 2012

this will be our year

feeling a bit snowed in, though the weather stays so mild here. the plants keep looking sadder and sadder, so I gave them a space on the windowsill and all of us room mates love it, having greenery.

I think if I wanted to have a new year's resolution- and I don't- it would be this:
to keep record of the goings-on.

that sounds simple, and maybe it is. but I want to be sure and have photos and writing of the year, and everything that happens in it. 
even so far, there aren't a lot of pictures to be shared but I like this year.
it's sort of a big one, they say. 
getting married. being in weddings. all that. I'm looking forward to it.

somehow I hope it's not the best year of my life, though. I know it won't be, and I'm happy for that. I hope my 38th year, or my 74th, will be my best year. goodness I hope that year doesn't get used up so quickly.

lots of reading books and thinking thoughts. thomas and I sit in the sunroom for hours with our books and read. I'm learning a bit of botany. the tiniest bit. but I love it so far, and I'm trying to learn to sketch all the while.

so yes, 2012 will be recorded. kept in memory with pictures and quickly scribbled notes- and keepsake albums, I'm sure.


maggeygrace said...


i miss you.

how are you? how is life? how is savannah? how is your job? what are you up to?

Gracey said...

thats pretty much a fine aim for 2012 :)

demetriaprovatas said...

ohh i love these small goals, mine are similar- especially the botany and the sketching. good luck!

another feather said...

i can't believe you had snow! we haven't had any yet, it's been the strangest winter//