Tuesday, February 25, 2014


you guys, I'm starting to believe that spring may really come this time. we still have a bit of chill in the air, but more sunny days and more warmer spells and it makes me so hopeful. I think we can do this.

we have been quite busy. I am working a lot of hours, some quite early or quite late, and with quite a lot of vegetables. I come home exhausted and refusing to wash the dishes for several days. thomas is great and doesn't seem to mind. we watch harry potter and eat bowls of kale and yummy things to revive us. the next morning I feel excited as ever to wake up, have coffee and start afresh. there is much to learn and much to juice!

in other news, the weather. I am sorry if you live some place where springtime comes in june, and I am proud of you for staying alive. the overcast icy days steal every bit of sunshine from the depths of my soul and I don't think I can handle even one more.

here's to spring. I am dreaming of plants, like I do every year. but this time I mean it. I want a miniature herb garden that doesn't die. I want elephant ear plants and fiddle leaf fig plants and cacti and succulents and every green thing. I want to open all the windows and burn candles and have everything smell like warmth and comfort and happiness.

it's funny how seasons affect us so. I think I realize it every time we are coming upon a new one. eating seasonally is a big thing right now, but I think we always sort of want to. no one is hoping for a watermelon at christmas time. everyone wants roast potatoes and steamy stews. as soon as the weather warms I long for fruit, for fresh salsa and lots of green vegetables and everything as fresh and delicious as possible. wouldn't you agree?

so. here's to the coming of spring. to the aspirations of herb gardens and shorts and green peas and ferns in the backyard.


Julia Barger said...

i have been making a list of greenery i'm going to try my hardest not to kill this year as well!(fiddle leaf fig definitely made the list!)

p.s. that rug in the last picture is awesome!

demetria said...

lovely table things! i love the routine of watching harry potter and eating kale. Can't wait for spring!

Sara Downton said...

i completely agree with you about eating seasonally! since the weather has warmed and brightened up all i've wanted are fresh salads and cold smoothies!
love love your photos