Friday, March 07, 2014

raw lime ice cream

raw ice cream.

 no nuts, no coconut, no tofu (not raw anyway), no banana flavors, no crazy costs. 
just three ingredients and the potential for a lot of delicious add ins. 

so you get some avocados (I used five, as they were on sale and I bought them up)
some lime juice (fresh is always best. I used the squeezy bottle kind) 
and some agave (about 1 cup here I believe)

scoop the avocado into a food processor and blend it into a smooth consistency. 

add some lime and agave, blend and taste. 

make it as sweet or as tart (or both!) as you like.   

freeze for several hours, overnight at best. 

that's all! 

I believe I'll add coconut in some form next time, and maybe some vanilla extract too. 

it is refreshing and delicious and full of healthy things.

I hope you love it.


Shelly West said...

Like it? I LOVE IT! Avocados really do smooth out into the best texture. I bet some vanilla beans speckled throughout it would really put it over the top.

Heather said...

I am sitting at my computer *drooling*. Wowza. Looks like I know what I'm doing tomorrow night!


Yelle said...

this sounds mouth watering!

Heather said...

Update: this was a-mazing and I think we need to hang out and eat raw lime ice cream together. What do you think?

Nataly said...

This is AMAZING. I really want to try it! I definitely want to start eating healthier and this is PERFECT!!!!!! You're awesome!

Gaby said...

that sounds amazing! i just wish avocados weren't so expensive right now ;(